Here are the poker hands and their normal placement. The ranking below is used in almost all forms of poker. This placement is used for bonuses such as Texas hold em, 5 card game, Omaha and other standard poker games.


The order of the cards is standard in poker, i.e. second is the smallest card and ace is the largest. If necessary, the ace can also be number one, e.g. Straight.


Below are all the poker hands from best to worst. The list first shows the name of the hand in Finnish and English, then there is a pictorial example of such a combination, finally a verbal description of the hand and a rule for distinguishing two hands of the same style.

SOLVING THE DRAWING – Equally good hands

In poker, sometimes a situation arises where players have exactly the same good hands. For example, in Texas Hold’em this can happen:

In this example, Marko and Antti are both directly handcuffed to the woman.

When two or more poker players have exactly the same good, winning hands, the pot is split between those players. Contrary to popular belief in bingo bonuses, the suit of the cards does not matter – if one has a heart suit and the other pot suit is of the same size, the pot is split equally between these players (assuming the suit is the best hand, of course).


Casino bonuses that you get without transferring money to your game account are understandably a really attractive offer. As mentioned, free casino bonuses without deposit are certainly the most successful and therefore the most popular. Of course, the most fun is winning and withdrawing money to the bank account without having put a penny in the bank in the first place, and for this reason, opening several gaming accounts at the same casino can seem like a really good idea. However, it is not.

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